The News: Jurnal Galung Tropika has been accredited by SINTA 3


On behalf of the Editorial Team, we thank all the writers, reviewers, and editors who have contributed and contributed their scientific knowledge to the development of the Jurnal Galung Tropika (JGT). Therefore, JGT which in the previous year was ranked SINTA 4 has increased to SINTA 3 starting in 2019.

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General Announcement: Admission Article review


Jurnal Galung Tropika since the publication of volume 8 of 2019 has received a review article, in addition to a research article (original).
So with this, Jurnal Galung Tropika invited the writers to submit both review and original articles.



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General Announcement: Template Changes

Changes to the template from the use of asterisks to correspondence writers to the inclusion of DOI numbers. The article template is effective for publication Volume 8 Number 1 of 2019.  
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